Who we are ?

At BIOPHACT® , we are committed to support and assist you in your drug development program success.

Unlike most of consulting companies or advisors, we have a hands-on experience and know exactly what you need because we have already achieved what you want to accomplish.

We think that answering to unmet medical need is one of the most respectable task in scientist life.This thinking is embedded in Thierry Clerc’s broad background, PhD, Founder and President/ BIOPHACT® CEO. Thierry multi-faced experience as Project Director in the most important firms involved in drug development in Europe, Asia, and US. Thierry Clerc is Doctor in Drug Science (Dsc) from School Pharmacy and European Registered Toxicologist (ERT). During a 35-years career he occupied wide positions in Pharma such as Head of Pharmacology in various firms, Discovery Director at Theramex, Head of Hormone-dependent Oncology program at Merck KgaA, Director of Inflammatory and Immune diseases (IDPF), Director of the CNS programs (PFI), and finally Director of Oncology Programs in Pierre Fabre during 8 years until 2023. He has a perfect operational and managing knowledge of all lines involved in drug development and registration. It includes Pharmacology, Toxicology, Chemical Manufacturing and Control, Clinical studies coordination and management.
He has been involved in more than 30 drug development programs, being part of 150 licence-in analysis and due diligence. He managed 24 clinical studies including 15 FIM/Phase 1 and been involved in 3 market authorizations.

Thierry Clerc is a member of American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) and of the Société Française de Toxicologie (French Society of Toxicology). He is an author/co-author of 20 peer-reviewed papers (FASEB, Am J Physiol, J Med Chem, Eur J Pharmacol, Brit Journal Pharmacol) and an inventor/co-inventor of 13 patents.

BIOPHACT® belongs to MEDICEN (Paris/Ile de France Cluster of Healthtech/Medtech), MAbdesign (Cluster dedicated to New Biological Entities), PSCC (Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster) and AFSSI (European CRO/CDMO consortium).

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Intervention & consortium

Biophact gives lecture
to Toulouse III university

AFSSI is a CRO and CDMO consortium dedicated to innovation in health

MEDICEN is a competitiveness Paris/Ile de France heath cluster

Mabdesign is a cluster federating companies dedicated to mAb and biotherapies development