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  • Many CNS diseases lack curative or disease-modifying treatments and represent a growing burden to healthcare systems and societies worldwide. These diseases are often multifactorial and complex in nature, with significant individual variability in the underlying genetics and biology.
  • We posit that the solution to tackling the unmet needs in neurological and psychiatric diseases requires a paradigm shift from a focus on late-stage syndromic phenotypes to targeting preclinical/early prodromal stages.
  • Precision medicine (PM) approaches in neurology and psychiatry could provide screening solutions, deploy time-sensitive detection/diagnosis, and tailor treatment strategies to an individual’s specific clinical–genetic–biological characteristics and risk factors.
  • We highlight Alzheimer’s disease as a case in point for PM oriented across neurology and psychiatry and as a compelling model towards PM-oriented drug R&D and healthcare practices.

Source: Trends in Neurosciences, Vol 46, issue 3, P176-198, March 2023

The foundation and architecture of precision medicine in neurology and psychiatry

Harald Hampel et coll.